Handmade Square


A selection of handmade square-shaped books from Tara packed in gorgeous screen-printed gift bags.

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A hand-picked selection of books from Tara, packed in gorgeous handmade and screen-printed gift bags. This curated collection features Tara’s special square-shaped handmade titles.

Bhajju Shyam with Gita Wolf
Visual narrative brings together stories of origins, transformations and endings from the Gond tribal community.

Beasts of India
Kanchana Arni and Gita Wolf with Various Artists
India’s best-known beasts resplendently rendered by a variety of folk and tribal artists.

I Like Cats
Anushka Ravishankar with Various Artists
Gallery of irresistible felines, by some of India’s best known indigenous artists.

SSSS: Snake Art and Allegory
Ianna Andréadis, Gita Wolf
Snake lore and legend from across India, illustrated by a contemporary French artist.

The Circle of Fate
Radhashyam Raut, Raja Mohanty, Sirish Rao
A hand-printed classic fable of destiny and love, illustrated in the Patachitra temple painting tradition from Odisha.

Weight 2000.0 kg
Dimensions 310 × 60 × 340 cm


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