Lucky / Happy Hans


Spanish artist Maguma reinterprets a classic tale of greed and need with two parallel visual narratives.

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Brothers Grimm, Maguma

In the classic story by the Grimm brothers, a young man called Hans exchanges his hard-earned piece of gold for one object after another, in a series of increasingly unprofitable trades… until he is left with nothing. Is Hans just a naive young man duped by wily strangers looking to make a profit, or is he wise beyond his years, searching for something greater than monetary value?

Spanish artist Maguma reinterprets this classic tale of greed and need for a contemporary reader, creating two parallel visual narratives—one set in times past and the other rooted in a dystopian present. The fates of Hans and those he encounters abound with possibilities and calamities. As possessions and fortunes are rapidly exchanged, who wins and who loses? And what exactly does winning and losing entail?



Every copy of the book comes with four free cards to trade or keep! 

Read a blog post by Maguma – Lucky/Happy Hans: Fool or Sage? – where he traces his intriguing creative journey and our collaborative process. What does an Egyptian perspective and tarot cards have to do with it? Discover how the book came into being and the meanings the story holds.


Weight 385.0 kg
Dimensions 260 × 165 × 14 cm



Offset printed with five special colours


250 gsm with matte lamination


Hardcover; accordion-folded





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